Friendships Rock – The Keystone of Fly Fishing

We’ve often said it on the Fly Fishing After Dark, trips and the random event or excursion cannot be measured by fish, rather they are the sum total of the experience.


We hope you and your squad have been as blessed this fall as we have.  We’ve found time to meet new people, reconnect with old friends and spend some time roughing it across the channel from the Tailer Park.


The following montage is a peek behind the microphones, so to speak.  We hope it inspires you to opt for an outdoor adventure with your friends very soon.


Playing tug boat Captain!



Half a million pounds of cargo, no big deal.



The Emma D before the shoreline enhancement began.



Boarding party!



Epic view from the wheel house.



Preparing for a beer delivery mission.



Looks like they could use a tow.



Avery teaching the next generation to whip it real good!



Learning another pattern from Gary.



Friendsgiving – We were counting our blessings and enjoying great company.



Campfires and good times go together like PB&J.



St. Johns River




The elusive and rare Florida Beaver



Alaskan friends on patrol!



Frog legs, gator tail, yardbird& buckets!



Patiently awaiting our return…



Loading up for the flight back north.

Thanks for listening to our ramblings, its more than enough motivation to keep the good times rolling.


We hope to meet some of you on the water soon.  Look for us around Happy Hour along the ICW in Oak cHill by Marker 5.

Ten Times

FFAD has recorded ten podcasts over the past few months and there is no doubt its been a lot of fun.  We’ve come together in common effort to simply sit around and talk it out, tell stories, discuss issues and taste a few beers, good and shitty.


We’ve travelled to The Lowcountry to share good times with our great friends at the Flood Tide Company & Lowcountry Fly Shop  and got to fish a little too.

As I look back at the great times we’ve had together here in the Tailer Park, I’m reminded of one of the topics we’ve hashed out during a past podcast; storytelling.  To me, the podcast provides a place to hone that craft, no different than a when sitting around the fire on a gravel bar on an Alaskan river in the middle of nowhere.  The spinning of yarns and good old fashioned bullshit sessions are important, because, lets face it; as fly anglers we’re not catching a ton of fish, so you better be able to lie.

As with anything, practice makes perfect, so we’ll keep pulling a chair up to the table and recording our latest discussions of the shenanigans that we find ourselves in.  I can’t suggest strongly enough that you find a core group of trusted friends with which to do the same.

We sincerely hope you keep riding down the trail with us, thanks for listening.

If you find yourself near Marker 5, stop by and tell us a story!




The Big Blow Down Low – Hurricane Matthew’s Visit

If you’ve listened to FFAD #9 you already know that we all made it through Hurricane Matthew unscathed for the most part.


The run up to the storm was a stressful time as the forecast became increasingly more and more sinister.

There was a point as the storm was approaching that we started to think that the Tailer Park would be left in ruins and that over a decade of making memories would come to an end.

After evacuating as much “stuff” as could be done, we all simply hunkered down and waited.

A night filled with hand wringing and angst passed slowly as hourly updates of the storm’s position showed it bearing down on our little slice of heaven.

In an exercise of nervous boredom, I began to track it and try to prognosticate whether or not all would be well or we would be picking up the pieces.


Before I retired for the night, I honestly started to feel a bit of hope…

The next morning brought the hurricane just east of our little utopia and we all awaited the first reports of damage to start rolling in.

Gary was the first to return and he supplied us all the first peek at what to expect.


We dodged a bullet!

Don’t get me wrong, there was certainly damage, power was out and many of our neighbors had their lives turned upside down.  The folks over across from the Meth Lab got hit particularly hard.


Meanwhile, we waited a few miles further inland and passed the time, trying our best to beat the cabin fever that was beginning to start.


Eventually we all made the pilgrimage back to the Tailer Park and started cleaning up.

When the winds had settled and time allowed, we even snuck out to enjoy a day of fishing without the usual crush of skiffs that typically descend on Mosquito Lagoon on a daily basis.


We welcomed the next weekend with a traditional Happy Hour on the dock and life for the most part got back to normal.


Thanks to Andrew Gilbert for being part of the podcast, his painting was inspirational to see!


Despite the potential for a life changing event, we ended up with a speed bump.

For that, we’re thankful.

There were heroes out through the storm and after it had passed.  Our heartfelt thanks is extended to the first responders, law enforcement and the linemen who worked tirelessly to get our lives back to normal.

Even as the storm churned along as a Category 4 Hurricane, brave airmen from the USAF Reserve and NOAA flew into harms way to give us hope and comfort by providing real time information of what was to come. They are one group of unsung heroes that rarely get credit for the role they play.